Thursday, September 2, 2010

update 020910 2300

long long time din come here already.............. update my current info 1st, now stil working in the current company, confirmation if not got any exception, will be next week, salary review also this month mayb, haha, hope hard for it!!!! when u really hardworking to do all those hard work, u really will hope got reward!!! tis is the 1st thought of it.... i believe my colleagues wont hv tis site, and i also believe those have this site wont know my manager, and i believe those i duno one wont hv interesting wat i wan to say bad about my manager!!!!!! haha, so confident!!!! shhhhhhhhhhhh, lets make it as secret..... i dun like my manager actually, but i luv my team member and my line manager which is the assistant manager, haha, not tat kind of luv, dun think too much..... when u really get something complement, u really will feel happy from ur heart!!!! i know u all will have that feeling also....... my line manager: "not enuf 6months, u r not a confirm staff yet, but u dun gv me a feeling like new staff, like work long time already, i wont feel anxious when u r handling those complicated things".......... haha, i will remember this quote always!!!! feel like so shok!!!! haha....... here i wan to say to my line manager, u r the best line manager in the world!!!! u r better than Ntimes than last time tat one!!!!! lolzzzzz, my manager, haizzzzz, duno y, i feel like when comparing with other new staff in the department, i think he dun like me the most, mayb im not tat gud looking enuf, haha, nvm, i will prove him he is wrong, juz wan to say to him, u wait n c la!!!!!!!!! n my team member, always, ppl got the selfish mode in their own body, but i m fortunately enuf, their selfishness is still ok for me, haha, mayb i not yet discover the truth!!!!! lolzzzz tats my work!!!!!
and for my life except from work, i get serious back pain, mayb sit too long n not in the correct position, so i start to change tis few days of my seating position, hope it will get well n better..... i will have core leave soon, core leave= long leave, 7 days!!!!!!! hmmmmnnnnn, still thinking where to go on hari raya with my family, one day trip, still wondering can go where.......... and others days, still planning.... and i wan to say, i will be broke soon!!!!! last month bought XM5800, not dare to let my parents know tat..... i think they not yet discover yet..... and this month, SALES!!!!!!!!! eat up all my money, tat day one hr buy two jeans, coz its 70% discount ma, haha, aunty is like tat, pls consider, haha....... and i realised, now oni early os the month, and i spent almost half month of my salary, duno how to spent for the holiday, haizzzzzzzz. ..... now everyday think of how to save money, is it really wan to eat bread n water oni???? haha, but im tiger, i wish to eat meat one......... hehe
and comes here my thoughts after worked for one yr!!!!!
"ur thought will be changing when times going on"<----- quote by yeecui^^


fish-xY said...

yee cui.. secret secret tell u.. i will be resigning at the end of this month if nothing special happen.. wee~ and.. i hate my company! haha..

Unknown said...

i also hate my company .... hohoh