Thursday, September 2, 2010

update 020910 2300

long long time din come here already.............. update my current info 1st, now stil working in the current company, confirmation if not got any exception, will be next week, salary review also this month mayb, haha, hope hard for it!!!! when u really hardworking to do all those hard work, u really will hope got reward!!! tis is the 1st thought of it.... i believe my colleagues wont hv tis site, and i also believe those have this site wont know my manager, and i believe those i duno one wont hv interesting wat i wan to say bad about my manager!!!!!! haha, so confident!!!! shhhhhhhhhhhh, lets make it as secret..... i dun like my manager actually, but i luv my team member and my line manager which is the assistant manager, haha, not tat kind of luv, dun think too much..... when u really get something complement, u really will feel happy from ur heart!!!! i know u all will have that feeling also....... my line manager: "not enuf 6months, u r not a confirm staff yet, but u dun gv me a feeling like new staff, like work long time already, i wont feel anxious when u r handling those complicated things".......... haha, i will remember this quote always!!!! feel like so shok!!!! haha....... here i wan to say to my line manager, u r the best line manager in the world!!!! u r better than Ntimes than last time tat one!!!!! lolzzzzz, my manager, haizzzzz, duno y, i feel like when comparing with other new staff in the department, i think he dun like me the most, mayb im not tat gud looking enuf, haha, nvm, i will prove him he is wrong, juz wan to say to him, u wait n c la!!!!!!!!! n my team member, always, ppl got the selfish mode in their own body, but i m fortunately enuf, their selfishness is still ok for me, haha, mayb i not yet discover the truth!!!!! lolzzzz tats my work!!!!!
and for my life except from work, i get serious back pain, mayb sit too long n not in the correct position, so i start to change tis few days of my seating position, hope it will get well n better..... i will have core leave soon, core leave= long leave, 7 days!!!!!!! hmmmmnnnnn, still thinking where to go on hari raya with my family, one day trip, still wondering can go where.......... and others days, still planning.... and i wan to say, i will be broke soon!!!!! last month bought XM5800, not dare to let my parents know tat..... i think they not yet discover yet..... and this month, SALES!!!!!!!!! eat up all my money, tat day one hr buy two jeans, coz its 70% discount ma, haha, aunty is like tat, pls consider, haha....... and i realised, now oni early os the month, and i spent almost half month of my salary, duno how to spent for the holiday, haizzzzzzzz. ..... now everyday think of how to save money, is it really wan to eat bread n water oni???? haha, but im tiger, i wish to eat meat one......... hehe
and comes here my thoughts after worked for one yr!!!!!
"ur thought will be changing when times going on"<----- quote by yeecui^^

Monday, August 9, 2010



Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Start

end of something
start of something
always hard to accept while in the beginning
but i will try
no matter wat it is
juz get bec to the origin
n start over again
all i nid is strength n brave

Monday, July 26, 2010

1st time accident

Date: 27-Jul 2010
Time: 0700
Venue: SILK highway
on my way to work, i met an car accident, a black car stop in front the lane there coz crash, automatically, i try to "eat" to the lane bside, since duno y so many cars, hv to wait long time, finally, not i manage to get to tat lane, is i get bump by a noob car from bhind, haiz, wat kind of luck i got it today?? then i move my car in front of the black car, the noob car again, bump the black car... i wonder if the driver sot jor???? already bump once n she wan to make it to two???? those "trailer" man, i duno is it correct, r those when got car accident, they got one big lorry to help u carry the car go to workshop... they reach in 5 min, so fast!!!!! said this n tat la, but i not really hear wat they r talking, they juz said, help me claim the noob car insurance, n report police, n the car let them service, then done, oklo, since they r "willing" to "help", then i oso willing to cooperate la, haha... since my or@njee can walk himself, then i drive him follow those trailerman.... 1st, go to police station 1st, report to the officer, then go meet the sarjan, then wait the trailerman bring me to workshop, wait my dad come fetch me, wait us to check the old car= dinosaur 2, tats his name, haha, then come bec to equine again.... nid few days to c my or@njee again, duno he there ok onot??? haizz, start miss him d........ feel so sorry to him.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

anual dinner

ytd, my company anual dinner, grand one, klcc convention center, hall 1 n 2, wow, actually i m excited, but reach there wait here n there, make me tired d........ around 7pm v start to move in, then v hv our dinner, n some entertainment, fb got my photo, haha.... im sorry so short n so noob tis post, but i really moody now, cant write properly...... sorry all............

Thursday, July 8, 2010

long long long time~~~

long time din write blog here, realised tat i missed things so much here, even my fren updated their blog, their news i oso duno... haha, sori la bro n sis....... i not purposely geh...... recently my time really not enuf, coz many things mixed up together.... work, game, n world cup!!! but my italy go bec home liao, now juz for netherland oni~~~~ working is just tired, after work really lazy like pig, dun wan go anywhere, juz lay on the luvly bed n pass the nite like tat, haha.... sometime even very lazy go to work oso cant ponteng.... but it used to when last time in U, no wonder ppl say enjoy ur sch life enuf b4 u working, yuo!!!! tats ablsolutely right!!!!!! haha, tats all for here, wish sunday!!! wil b very orange ooooooooo~~~~~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

mayday concert

1st time, i go for concert
1st time, i in the rock zone of the concert
1st time, i saw mayday so near
n 1st time, i hear to mayday song not with my big black or radio
its 5th june
i with my luvly or@njee n fetch one of my fren, go to bukit jalil
sunny day=hot day, v reach there around 430, start to queue up around 5pm, erm, y v wan queue up leh?? coz many ppl queue up oso la, haha, follow the crowd, n saw my big head fren there, Fish, then me n fren while waiting her sis, v join fish in the middle of the big crowd, suddenly, another fren, kangzhen, got free ticket of rm328!!! wao, really big temptation, but finally v decided to stay in rock zone, (fyi:rock zone:rm268, disc=229, student=215, =='').... around 7pm lo, v run into the zone, haha, RUN!!! so excited!!!! so gan zheong oso, duno how was it, v all together 8 ppl stay at the behind of the zone, coz if v turn, v manage to shake hand with mayday if they come to shake with us, hehe..... waiting waiting n waiting til 8pm, finally, its the time!!!!! but the 1st opening guest is the star from 8tv, haiz, i hv bad comment for them, better dun spoil up here, hehe, then the next is a malay guy(i think la), Ikhua(i think again), sing beyond song, ok oso, got 50% similar to MJ, haha, nice look oso la, better than the 1st guest, the 3rd one, Ding Dang=Dolla, nice songs from her.... then then then then then......... MAYDAY!!!! wah, juz marvelous!! wat oso the best!!!!! 阿信,怪兽,石头,马莎,冠佑,超强的组合!!!!i can c all them in front front front except masa, coz he din come out, haha.... juz high n rock!!!! a gud birthday celebration for tis yr!!!! hehe